A long History recalling 1700!


In the “Monferrato hills”, in the heart of Astigiano, there is a palace, dating back to the 17th century, built on a much older structure, in which, more than in any other place in the area, a piece of history, life and daily culture is enclosed. It is Casa Martelletti, a large and sober building recently renovated, deeply inserted and rooted in the ancient local urban structure. In the building you can still visit an area where leeches, once widely used for bloodletting, were kept. Tradition has it that this place was part of one of the three “perpetual medicinal spice squares”, whose license was granted by Anna d’Orleans in 1697, with a document still on display in the beautiful pharmacy in Via Roma, near the palace. From this ancient herbal and medicinal tradition derives the recipe, later handed down, of Casa Martelletti’s Vermouth Classico, so rich in herbs and spices.

In the 70s a factory was built in Montiglio Monferrato entirely dedicated to the production of Piedmontese wines and sparkling wines. Adjacent to the factory, an imposing barrique cellar, simply called “Casa Martelletti” dedicated to customer visits and tastings.

It was in the 90s that the production was moved to the Asti plant, given the production needs that increased month by month.

Today the Casa Martelletti brand, with all its history, is present in more than 30 countries around the world.